Free Consultation Available

Personal Attention

I view teaching as a relationship rather than a commodity. When I accept a student I consider it a personal investment into that student. A tutor who takes on too many students will tend to offer lower quality instruction to each student. Thus, I limit the number of students I will accept at any given time in order to ensure that each of my students gets the focused attention on their unique needs that they deserve.

How it Works

Meetings can either be in person or virtual. Virtual tutoring is normally done through a combination of Skype or Google Hangouts for audio and screensharing and an online whiteboard for math problems and other concepts for which visual handwriting is needed. Local students have a choice of in person or virtual tutoring depending on their preferred learning style. Virtual tutoring, either entirely or as a supplement to in person, is also popular with my local students because of its efficiency and flexibility.

Free Consultation

In order to determine if tutoring with me would best fit your student's needs, I offer a free phone consultation. If you are interested please contact me.


Our daughter Brynn was admittedly intimidated by the thought of having an experienced, intelligent Stanford graduate come to our home to tutor her. She thought the tutor would have an attitude that would make Brynn feel uncomfortable but this was hardly the case. Laura (Brynn's tutor) was very dear, very sincere and exceedingly supportive, all of which served to put Brynn at ease. She motivated Brynn to study and prepare and provided her with new test-taking strategies. Their mutual efforts succeeded in raising Brynn's scores by 150 points. Several of Brynn's friends employed other SAT Prep programs but did not have the sincere experience as Brynn, nor did their scores increase as much as Brynn's. -Jack & Peggy C., Parents of Student